Yasunao Tone - Solo for Wounded CD.

Can’t believe I actually just listened to this all the way through and enjoyed it. Don’t do a music degree, kids, it does things to you.

from wikipedia (I think the composition dates may be wrong):

Yasunao Tone is known mostly for his musical work, much of which relies on unconventional techniques. Tone began manipulatingcompact disks to achieve uniquely mangled sounds in the early 1980s.[2] For his 1985 album, Solo for Wounded CD, he damaged audio CDs and used the information that a CD player was able to extract from those discs to create new pieces. Tone’s CD player based works employ a process of “de-controlling” the device’s playback so that it randomly selects fragments from a set of sound materials. Tone has stated that the error-correction functionality of modern CD players has made it hard to continue to use this technique and, for this reason, he continues to use older equipment.[2] For his collaboration with Florian Hecker, Palimpsest, he converted Japanese Man’yōshū poems to sound.[3]